Conference 9-10 December – Malta
At ‘activities’ you will find the newsletters about the conference in Malta, 9-10 December, as a co-production of EfVET ( and CHAIN5. The theme for this event is: Exploring the challenges of permeability: EQF-5 and higher levels.
We will look at the sectors for HE and VPET (building on VET at higher levels), and also to the role of the labour market in the demand of more flexibility.

Next Annual Conference of CHAIN5
The Annual Conference in 2020 will be held in Tallinn, Estonia – 12/13 of March and a social programme of the 11th.

Conferences by our partner-organisations
At ‘activities’ we are mentioning also conferences organised by our partner-organisations.

Next Vocational Skills Week (2019)
This year the VSW has been held in Vienna, during the week of 5 November 2018. CHAIN5 contributed to this week, like we did in 2017.
In 2019 the VSW will be in Helsinki (14-18 October). 

Discussion about Higher VET
There are a lot of discussions going on about higher VET and the role of this level for having more status for VET. And VET in general.
There has been published a working paper in December 2017 by Cedefop with cases in some member states (Germany, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Austria…). The researchers has been looking at the development at the higher levels, in VET and HE. This working paper can be found at ‘publications’, plus a link to all papers that has been used for the document about the future of VET.

Annual Conference Brussels
Presentations and other documents that have been used during the annual conference in Brussels (8-9 March 2018) can be found at ‘activities’. 

Memorandum of Understanding
During the Vocational Skills Week the partners in VET4EU2 signed a Memorandum of Understanding. CHAIN5 is linked to VET4EU2 through the mandate of DG E of the European Commission.
Vet4EU2 memorandum nov 2017
After the signing:
memorandum of understanding2





Seminar Work-Based Learning in Luton, UK
On the 9th and 10th of November 2017 we had our international seminar on Work-Based Learning, in Luton and hosted by the University of Bedfordshire.
The presentations, plenary and used for the workshops, can be found at ‘activities’. But here the summary of the feedback by the participants: we are proud!

2018 Annual Conference
Next year we will have our conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 8-9 March. On the 7th we will organise a tour with visits to Colleges and Universities, to learn about level 5 in Flanders.

Annual Conference in Bled
At ‘activities’ you can find the presentations and papers, used during the very successful conference in Bled, having more then 50 participants from 12 countries.

Position Paper
Our Position Paper is ready, the draft of it… We will discuss this document in the months to come, during seminars and workshops – and it was discussed during the 4th Annual Conference in Bled.
Here it is:
The final version will be published in the Spring 2018, based on the Annual Conference in Brussels.

Overview SCHE in the Bologna Process
Here an overview of the position of SCHE in countries involved in the Bologna Process. But… we think that this information can be improved. Please, take a look and send us your comments (
2015 sche national reports

Interesting developments in the USA
More and more students are taking to road to a Four Year College by using a Community College. See:

The 4 VET-associations in Europe (EfVET, EVVB. EVTA and EUproVET), EURASHE and EUCEN are working together under one name: VET4EU2, looking at specific issues. They have published a ‘Barcelona Declaration’ and a memo on ‘flexibility’. Those documents are very interesting for CHAIN5, giving input for discussions. See at ‘documents’.

Briefing note Cedefop
Cedefop published in 2014 a briefing note about the Level  5 study. So, again some publicity for the qualifications which are very important in a lot of countries…
cedefop briefing note 1-6-2014