The community, activities and our members
On March 10, the kick-off was given to further expand our community, also to be discussed at the Annual Conference in September. But then we need our members to play a role in this. It is certainly not possible without that input based on expertise and good national and international contacts.
In the coming months we will regularly post a number of calls here, linked to specific activities. This can be done by members on a structural basis, but also by looking at matters that have a limited duration.
In this newsletter you will find the first information, as a starting point for those memos with concrete proposals to our members:
CHAIN5 newsletter call_members_for-activities_contributions

Information can also be obtained via

Here are the categories that we will use for our calls to contribute to CHAIN5:
–  Executive Committee
–  Theme and working groups
–  Community Activities

So, keep an eye on this page. More to come in the next weeks about the calls and the way you can react.