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CHAIN5 community newsletter – june 22

Presentations Pre-Conference 10 March 2022
Here a number of presentations that have been used during the Pre-Conference of CHAIN5:
Session 3 (Activities CHAIN5 to be foreseen)
session 3 chain5 ideas
Session 4 (Co-creation – Flanders)
Sessie Chain 5 10-3-22 co-creation
Session 5 (Information about the Annual Conference 2022 – Oslo)
Chain5 Venue sep 2022Venue and host for CHAIN5 Annual Conference Sep 21-23 2022

Brochure about ‘Co-creation’ in Flanders
This brochure will be discussed on the 10th of March, during one of the sessions.
Here the link:

Report ‘Internationalisation at level 5 (SCHE)’
The report about ‘internationalisation in level 5 programmes in the Nether-lands and Flanders (Associate degree / Graduaat)’ has been published, based on a survey that has been held in 2021. It can be interesting to learn more, as a member of CHAIN5, about what is relevant in this context. In September there will be a session about this topic, during the Annual Conference in Oslo.
Here this report: IoHE-Ad-_-Level-5

Feedback on OECD report: ‘Professional Tertiary Education’
As CHAIN5, we have prepared a document in response to a OECD report on the position of Professional Tertiary Education, and the webinar that was recently held about it. We are mainly concerned with the definitions and looking at what is seen as Higher VET. The document can actually be read separately from the research (the OECD will publish its reports itself) and can be seen as a contribution to the discussion about making the tertiary sector more transparent. In our opinion, this is absolutely needed – now…
memo oecd feedback – chain5 – 19-10-21

The position of the inquisitive attitude in the Learning Outcomes of Associate degree programs (EQF5 in the Netherlands)
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Rotterdam Academy, one of the institutes of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, have taken up the challenge of exploring this subject matter at a generic level.
In cooperation with several universities of applied sciences and various organisations, they compiled this guide for these Ad programs:

Summary Annual Conference 2021
We have written a short document about the annual conference in March this year, with a number of interesting outcomes.
CHAIN5_SummeryAnnualConference_Zagreb 20210427

Newsletter about Erasmus+ and CHAIN5
We published a newsletter about the options for having CHAIN5 involved in applications under Erasmus+, as a specific partner. Scroll down for that newsletter…

Presentations and documents Annual Conference 2021
Here you will find the presentations and documents, used for the six sessions of the conference that has been held online.

Session 1
session 1 zagreb daale
session 1 Žiljak Chain5 Conf Zgb
session 1 presentation Chain5_MB
Session 2

Session 2 (Intro) Nina Spithost
Session 2 (Internationalisation) Key note Robert Coelen
Breakoutgroup session 2 Internationalisation & Level 5
Session 3
session 3 CHAIN5 ppp daale
session 3 K.Trawinska_PL_20210311
session 3 Update reform Higher Vocational Education in Norway and political work
Session 4
session 4 Oran Doherty Work Based Learning Thesis
session 4 2021-RAc-leaflet-Inquisitive-Attitude
session 4 Natascha Inquisitive attitude RAc
session 4 Oran Doherty presentation
session 4 Nevena Master craftsman
session 4 Breakout Session WBL possible discussion topics
Session 5
session 5 Erik Swars Presentation
session 5 Croatia_Credit System
session 5 Presentation – research 5 countries – norway
Session 6
session 6 venue and host for CHAIN5 March 2022
session 6 venue 2022

Newsletter 25 February 2021
See below (scroll down) for the latest newsletter, – the second one about ‘level 5 in the picture’- with background information about level 5 in reports, documents, surveys and so on.

European documents (VET, level 5 and Higher VET)
The following documents has been published by the European Commission, also relevant for CHAIN5.
VET 2020 end report
This is a report by the ET20 Working Group on VET, also having attention for Higher VET. That’s why we will use it for our new thematic teams (see the newsletters about that).
This document is signed by all EU-ministers for VET, on 30 November, with the plans for 2021-2025
VET4EU2 is the international network for European associations involved in VET. Chain5 is associate member of VET4EU2, as partner of the European Commission.
eu recommendation VET – 24-11-20
This document is about the VET sector in a broad perspective, also including Higher VET.
Europe is focusing on having a European Education (and Training) Area in 2025, for all education sectors. That can be also the case for level 5 and qualifications at higher levels, not being higher education.
Pact for Skills and Charter 2021-2027
The Pact for Skills is the basis for a number of actions, foreseen for 2021-2027.

Structure CHAIN5
Chain5 – structure 2020

Reports conference Malta
scheme levels 5-8 EQF – international approach – input malta conference
(info about the memos, used as input for the conference)
malta conference dec 2019 – report
(end report, conclusions and recommendations)

CHAIN5-newsletter 3 – EL5W – 15 June 2021
(EL5W – third newsletter – 15 June 2021)
CHAIN5-newsletter 3 – level 5 news – may 2021
(Level 5 newsletter 3 – May 2021)
CHAIN5-newsletter 2 – EL5W – May 2021
(First EL5W – second newsletter – new dates: 1 till 5 November)
CHAIN5-newsletter – EL5W – 16 april 2021
(First European Level 5 Week)
CHAIN5-newsletter_erasmus+_call_8 april 2021
(Erasmus+ and CHAIN5 as partner…)
CHAIN5-newsletter – level 5 news – 25-2-2021
(level 5 in the picture… – 2nd edition)
CHAIN5-newsletter – vet2020 report – call tt – 18-1-21
(report VET and 5 – call for teams – level 5 in the picture – 1st edition)
CHAIN5-newsletter Annual Zagreb nr 1_20201219
(newsletter Zagred – Annual Conference)
CHAIN5-newsletter call teams 15-12-20
(call for two thematic teams – 15-12-20)
CHAIN5-newsletter 42 – 17-12-19
(update information Tallinn)
CHAIN5-newsletter 41 – 2-12-19
(Tallinn, call for contributions for the newsletter, Malta)
CHAIN5-newsletter 40 – 4-11-19 – annual conference 2020 tallinn estonia
(Tallinn and…)
CHAIN5-newsletter 39 – 14-10-19 – annual conference 2020 tallinn estionia
(Tallinn and…)
CHAIN5-newsletter 38 – 4 oct – annual conference tallinn
(about the Annual Conference in Tallinn, March 2020)
CHAIN5-newsletter 37 – 4 april – on the move after como
(news after the conference – the first results)
CHAIN5-newsletter 36c – 7 MARCH 2019 – Annual Conference Como
(and 6 days to go…)
CHAIN5-newsletter 36B – 2 MARCH 2019 – Annual Conference Como
(and just 11 days to go – more updates)
CHAIN5-newsletter 36a – 19-02-2019 – Annual Conference Como
(and more updates, workshops…
CHAIN5-newsletter 36 – 18-02-2019 – Annual Conference Como
(even more information…)
CHAIN5-newsletter 35 – 14-01-2019 – Annual Conference Como
(and more practical information…)
CHAIN5-newsletter 34 – 19-12-2018 – Como – March 19
And the final programme… practical information…
CHAIN5-newsletter 33 – 5-11-18 – como – march 19
And… even more news – including information about ‘how to contribute’
CHAIN5-newsletter 32 – como – march 2019
More news, how to contribute, how to register
CHAIN5-newsletter 31 – annual conference como march 2019
Annual Conference 14-15 March, Como
CHAIN5-newsletter 30 – Annual Conference March- 8 febr 2018
Programme Brussels
CHAIN5-newsletter 29 – 25-1-18
More information about the Conference, and articles related to level 5
 CHAIN5-newsletter 28
Newsletter with: Annual Conference, call for experts, and so on)
CHAIN5-newsletter 27 – 21-11-17
General newsletter about CHAIN5
CHAIN5-newsletter 26 – Luton-wbl-seminar
Another update (workshops)
CHAIN5-newsletter25 – Luton wbl seminar
An update about the seminar
CHAIN5-newsletter24 – luton wbl seminar
Information about the seminar
Plus a document with travel information: Travel information Luton seminar
CHAIN5-newsletter_23_23-6-17_WBL Conference_Luton
More information about the Luton Conference
 CHAIN5-newsletter_22_19-5-17_WBL Conference_Luton
Conference on WBL in Luton (9-10 November 2017)
Study trip to China (19 May – 3 June 2017)
Our activities for 2016-2017
CHAIN5-newsletter 17 – 21-01-16
And more about Aalborg…
newsletter 16_chain5_aalborg_4jan2016
Also about Aalborg…
newsletter 15_chain5_aalborg_14dec15
More information about Aalborg
newsletter 14 – chain5 – aalborg conference febr 2016 – 19-11-2015
Annual Conference Aalborg 2016
newsletter 13 – chain5 – 27-8-2015
Steering Group, Tandem project, study on HVET…
newsletter 12 – chain5 – 7-4-2015
Information about a lot of issues… annual conference, survey, seminar…

CHAIN5 is involved, in most cases through Leido, in projects. Here you will find some information about one of them.