We hope to see you in Oslo, Norway, for the Annual Conference. This event will take place on Wednesday, September 21 (‘the Norwegian Level 5 Tour in and around Oslo’) and Thursday and Friday, September 22-23 (‘presentations, workshops, info-sessions and so on’). The AC will be hosted by the Norwegian Council for Higher Vocational Education and Kristiana College in Oslo. But… if you want to extend your visit to Norway, there will be a possibility to stay for the weekend in Geilo, with an exciting program that will be organised by our Norwegian Colleagues – see below…

Registering for the AC
You can register for the Annual Conference by using this form:
You can indicate in which parts you want to participate.

At the end of August you we will find here a form to provide us with your preferences for the sessions.

Adjustments are possible until September 10. The invoices will be sent after registration. It is possible to unsubscribe, without further costs, before September 10. Unsubscribing after that date, a contribution of 20 euro in the administrative costs will be charged.

Weekend in Geilo – registration
Here the link to register for the weekend:

Booking the hotel in Geilo
You can book a room, apartment or lodge at the recommended hotel in Geilo by using this link: https://booking.bardola.no/en/accommodation/list

To get a 15% discount, use the code: REISELIV2022 (write it where it says “I have a code” or” jeg har en kode”).

If you need more information, send an e-mail to oslo22@chain5.net

Highlight: Wednesday – Norwegian Level 5 Tour – dinner
Wednesday will be used for visits to institutions, organizations, major stake-holders and companies involved in providing Higher Vocat­ional Education, as is currently happening in Norway. In the evening there will be a dinner, to get to know each other and to talk in a relaxed atmosphere about ‘level 5’, in our network and com­munity, etc.

Hotels in Oslo
We advice you not to wait too long, making a reservation for a hotel during the conference. The prices are going up very fast at the moment…
Here a list with available hotels, getting a certain discount.
CHAIN5 oslo hotels

Program conference
Here the draft of the program:
programme Oslo September 2022 – draft 13-4-22

Tracks for the four rounds of sessions
Here an overview of the sessions, distributed over four tracks. Later more about the exact programming.
Program and sessions CHAIN5 Oslo

–  Italy, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, 
    Malta, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands and other countries in the
    Western and Northern part of Europe, not mentioned below:  130 euro    
–  Greece, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Portugal, Czech Republic, other
    countries in the Eastern/Southern part of Europe, not mentioned below:
    75 euro
–  Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia: 65 euro
–  Norway:  55 euro  
–  Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey
    and other countries not mentioned above:  55 euro
All fees are excluding VAT if applicable.

Presentations about AC and Oslo
During the pre-conference on the 10th of March, our Norwegian colleagues have taking care for two presentations, looking forward at the AC in Oslo.
Chain5 Venue sep 2022
Venue and host for CHAIN5 Annual Conference Sep 21-23 2022