We had the Annual Conference on Wednesday, September 21 (‘the Norwegian Level 5 Tour in and around Oslo’) and Thursday and Friday, September 22-23 (‘presentations, workshops, info-sessions and so on’).

Presentations and documents…
You will find here most of the presentations that have been used, plenary and during the sessions.
And there is still a call for a level 5 tour next year… visiting three University Colleges in Flanders… but just a few seats left!
Next year, 31 May, 1 and 2 June, there will be a possibility to visit three University Colleges, to learn more about the developments concerning level 5 (Graduaat) in Flanders. Here you can download the call that was presented in Oslo.

Work-based learning – visit Flanders – May-June 2023

Contact: maarten.thiry@pxl.be

220921 Ambitions for higher vocational education MP Marit Knutsdatter Strand
Presentasjon CHAIN 5 NOKUT Nina Waaler
Presentation Fagskolen i Oslo Project based education CHAIN5 Sep 21 2022
Presentation Fagskolen i Viken – CHAIN5 Oslo Sep 21 2022
Presentation Fagskolen i Oslo Digital interaction and collaborative processes CHAIN5 Sep 21 2022 
Presentation Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills CHAIN5 Sep 21 2022
Presentation Noroff CHAIN5 Sep 21 2022

Thursday morning
General Assembly – agenda
General Assembly 

Keynote Henrik Asheim Chain5 22-09 2022

Thursday afternoon

Session 1
220923 Internationalisation and level 5 – the survey
Session 2
Chain5 – Benchmark Social Studies and Health
Session 8
Subsession 1 –  COIL-projects at level 5
And for subsession 2 – the link that has been used:
And the document with more background information:
Assessment framework SHE 2021

And the presentations about the role of students in Higher Vocational Education – and their national association ONF:
ONF-Chain5 QA and the role of students 2022
ONF-Chain5 2022

Friday morning
Keynote NOKUT
CHAIN5 NOKUT K Vinje 230922
Presentation CHAIN5
NQF and EQF Daale 23 sep 22

Session 10
sessie QA and Accr
Level 5 Oslo september 2022 – def
Session 11
Interculturele skills – Posterpresentatie
Session 12
Workshop-Inquisitive-attitude-CHAIN5 Oslo 22-DEF
Session 13
Diversity, equity and inclusion
Commonwealth Games
BFELG 10 point toolkit
Toolbox June 2022 (English)
Toolbox juni 2022
links documents workshop diversity
Session 16
Higher VPE session
Congres CHAIN5 sept 2022 Oslo HAN BKLMCE

Friday afternoon
activities chain 5 – feedback

Hogeschool Windesheim
“The 20th of September we have met in person as CHAIN5 in Oslo. We are again looking forward to collaborate with our colleagues on the topic of level 5 education. This year Windesheim Almere (greater Amsterdam region) are on a mission. We would like to engage in partner-ships, to stimulate student mobility within Europe using Blended Intensive Programmes. If you are interested in setting up a BIP, we would like to schedule an online meeting to discuss possibilities. Furthermore, we are interested in comparing curricula and see if are there other forms of collaboration possible.”
Should you wish to make an appointment for an online meeting, please send me an e-mail so we can schedule this.
Tony van Meenen – a.van.meenen@windesheim.nl

Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam Academy)
In the Chain5 conference in Oslo we have spoken with colleagues of many European Level 5 schools . During the congress we from the Rotterdam Academy (RAc) could talk to partner schools that are interested in setting up a collaboration, so that students from different countries can make contact with each other and (if possible) meet each other during a study trip to your city. Furthermore we are interested in setting up an online course where students work together on a subject or case.
Should you wish to make an appointment, to discuss this online, please send me an e-mail so we can schedule this.
Ruud Boel – r.t.boel@hr.nl

Also in contact with colleagues after Oslo? 
If you have a similar call… send your text to oslo22@chain5.net.