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And celebrate also our 10th Anniversary with your colleagues!

Annual Conference 21-23 September 2022 in Oslo
The Annual Conference 2022 has been held in Oslo, Norway, on the 22nd and 23rd of September. On the 21st we had the ‘Norwegian Level 5 Tour’. And, for those who wanted to stay longer in Norway, there was a program during the weekend after the conference, in Geilo.
At ‘Oslo22’ you can find the presentations and documents.

Pre-Conference on the 10th of March 2022
We had on the 10th of March last year an online program with five sessions, open for all members and other interested colleagues. At ‘documents’ you can find a number of presentations that has been used.

European Level 5 Week postponed till 2024
We were planning the first European Level 5 Week in November 2022. But we have decided to postpone this EL5W, and the idea is to have it in the Sprinf of 2024. More information will be given later this year.