Theme Group Internationalisation
This is the web environment for our Theme Group Internationalisation. In this group, we work together on that specific theme for level 5 programmes.  We develop various activities, not specifically with a focus on an institution or a programme, but it will be done in a much broader sense.
If you want to make a structural contribution to the group, you are very welcome to be part of it. Please send an email to

Project – Survey Internationalisation
The Rotterdam Academy (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences have helt a survey with the intention to find out in what way internationalisation is already visible and how it is developing in level 5 study programmes. The survey aimed to raise awareness of this specific theme and to sketch a picture of how various level 5 programmes are developing in this respect. This will give us the opportunity to share the experience and knowledge gained in the various level 5 programmes and possibly achieve good cooperation on this theme.
The survey was based on two perspectives:
– Internationalisation from the traditional perspective of exchange, mobility on or offline or in other words, how can students of level 5 programmes be in contact with and learn from people in countries other than their own home country.
– Internationalisation from the development of students in terms of the value of diversity and interculturality. How can students be in contact with and learn from people who are different from themselves.

Presentation in Oslo
220923 Internationalisation and level 5 – the survey
And the report itself:

Reports about level 5 in the Netherlands (description)
Here you can find the documents about level 5 in the Netherlands, the Associate degree – Short Cycle HE. How do describe the level… what is the difference between VET at level 4 and the Bachelor’s degree atl level 6?
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